Thursday, December 01, 2011

Review - How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Musical)

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend this show on opening night. I was given free passes in exchange for writing an honest review. I took my daughter with me, it was her first time ever getting a chance to see the inside of the FOX Theater downtown.

Of course we had to visit the ladies' lounge area (and bathroom) before the show.

Once we were seated, my daughter realized that she might have issues with the people in front of her. Fortunately, the seats on the other side of me remained empty, so she switched.

The show itself was very well done. My favorite character was the Grinch (of course). The Grinch was played by Stefan Karl. From the FOX ENCORE magazine, he's best known for his role as the villain Robbie Rotten from "LazyTown". He played a wonderfully grouchy character and I loved the growls. He also was able to get the audience involved with his antics, which made the show more entertaining (and less scary) for the younger kids (my opinion).

My daughter's favorite character was Cindy-Lou Who. The youngest (and smallest) of the characters and cast. According to the ENCORE, the role is played by two actresses. I'm not sure which we saw (or if we saw both). Update: I found out that she was played by Clara Young.

Old Max (played by Bob Lauder) did a wonderful job of retelling the story of his youthful days. Told from the dog's point of view, the story takes a new spin. I really enjoyed "You're a Mean One". I wasn't expecting it to sound the same as in the movie, but with only minor changes, it sounded just like it.

Don't expect the scenes to be exactly the same as in the movie. They did a great job of recreating some of them. They did a great job creating new ones to go along with the story line. All in all, a wonderful show. If you get the chance, I recommend going.

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