Monday, October 10, 2011

Fun at Brookstone

I was given the opportunity to go to Brookstone (my favorite mall gadget store) to check out some of their products. I've always enjoyed wandering through their store to see what was new. So, when I jumped on the chance to go with some blogger friends. Unfortunately for me, my phone wouldn't let me on to twitter, so I couldn't tweet from the event. I'll resolve that issue soon by getting an iPhone.

In the meantime, the first of the items I found that I think is cool was this clock. I have a projector clock, but to maintain the time on the clock and the projector, you have to set them separately. Of course, if the power blinks, the clock itself has a backup battery. The projector does not. This clock from Brookstone was cool because other than the time zone, you don't have to set the time. It uses the atomic clock to set itself automagically.

I gave out digital picture frames to the grandparents one year. I didn't use this particular one, but an offbrand. I have since wanted one of my own. So, for family watching my blog, you can put this on my Christmas list.

The next two items are true toys. They're both controlled via iPad/iPod/iPhone. The first is a little rover. It has a camera mounted on it and seems to be quite sturdy.
This one was pure fun. It's a Hover Drone. Meant primarily for use inside it has a second body that can be put on it for outside. It has a camera on the front and underneath. The camera will send pictures back to your iToy for you to see. Very cool.
These on the other hand are health related. The one on the left is a wake-up/wind-down light. It has an alarm that can trigger the lamp to come up by degrees as your wake-up signal. It can reverse as well to dim. The lamp on the right is what Brookstone called a Happy Light. It's a full spectrum UV lamp. Very nice.

A couple of other fun things I saw, though I didn't get pictures of, were the massage tools. I loved the full foot massage. I sat with that on my feet a good 5 minutes before I decided I should let someone else have a turn. I also enjoyed the shoulder massage items. One was a shiatsu type massage, the other was a percussion. I think I preferred the percussion style better. Then there was the CHAIR. A full body massage chair. I had to tweet my chance to win one of those when I got back from the event. That would be SOOOOO nice to have.

To get away from massages, I loved the soft nap blankets too. I could just curl up under one of those and stay there for a long time. Or the electric hot pad. Not like the type that have to remain plugged in to stay warm, this one uses electricity to get it hot. Then you can unplug it and it will stay warm for 4 hours. It comes with a belt pouch so that you can put it on areas that need the heat.. (like for the ladies that have the monthly issues, or for when you've lifted a child too many times and need help for your back).

So, as usual, I was happy to get a chance to play with the gadgets at Brookstone. I left my kids at home so I could have the opportunity to visit with adults and play with stuff meant for adults and not feel guilty about it. Thank you to those that invited me there and then gave me one of these just for visiting. It will come in handy when I replace my phone.

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