Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mega Mart

This has been over at Gwinnett Place Mall for a while now (a year?) and I've been joking with my family that I was going to go explore. I had errands to run (with kids) Sunday and ended up at the mall anyway.. so I dragged the kids in with me and found some interesting things, including these..

This wasn't quite as exotic, just fun to find.

This, on the other hand, had my kids going "ewwww.." In case you can't tell, it's "fresh, frozen" squid.

The shop has 2 floors. The top floor is clothes, the bottom is the grocery. The grocery has mostly Asian flavor stuff and some great things to try. There's also a couple of food stops that you can purchase fresh cooked dumplings and more. I'll eventually go back and check that part out too.

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