Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Haynes Creek Wildlife Festival

I mentioned last Friday that I'd be out here working for the Aquarium. I took the time after my shift ended to take a good look around. There were many shows I didn't get to see (raptors, disc dogs, etc), but a few that I did. The exhibits, though, from the various groups were really nice.

This one was simple, a big portable tank of fish..

The serval had her own agenda for the day and it wasn't necessarily doing what the trainers asked her to do.

The trains were cute. They were sponsored by a local steam train group, one was display.

One was a ride on..

There were two Native American shows. The dancers I missed, the other group had an encampment at one end of the festival.

The same group did story telling and music on various instruments. They were fun to listen to.

I did get to listen to Southeastern Reptile Rescue (I think that's the proper group name) do a talk on snakes. I didn't get pictures, though. There was a display from the North Georgia Zoo, AWARE and Greyhound Rescue too.

All put together it was a very small festival. The numbers were low too, which was kind of discouraging. I'm sure it was for the vendors too. My main complaint was that there was really only one food vendor, which meant they could set the prices they wanted. This meant that a bottle of water was almost $3, a coke $3.50 and a burger was $4.50. Ouch. I can only hope the turn-out was a sign of the economy and not of the festival. It has a great location out at the horse park in Conyers (a bit far for my taste, but the location is good). It just didn't have enough "stuff" to impress me with what they were charging admission. Hopefully next year will work out better.

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