Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gardening in chunks (my garden update)

I love to garden and work outside. Unfortunately for me, it doesn't always like me back. I have a huge island in my front yard that I was grooming to be a Georgia Native Plant type of area. When we moved in, it was filled with ivy. I had it down so that most of the ivy was gone, many native species were in and growing, then the poison ivy showed up. I'm very allergic to that and it was hiding under the english ivy that was there. So, I have to limit what I do. The island is now mostly overgrown again and I have someone come in and spray all the poison ivy and at least keep the english ivy out of the rest of the yard.

Last year my kids gave up their play yard to turn it into a garden. This year, they didn't really want to help do anything with it, so it's "mine". I have no real idea what I want in it, so I've been taking it in 'chunks'. I know some of the things I want to try to grow, so I started there.

The first chunk was cleaning up the garden, getting the weeds/grass/clover and such back under control. Took about 1.5 hours and I was done for the weekend. The second chunk was to plant around 100 bulbs in a small area to the side of the garden. Those are starting to come up and I'm really looking forward to them blooming. That, again, took about 1.5 hours and I quit.

Third chunk was putting out some seedlings I'd started in the house, which included green beans and pole beans. I planted two cherry tomato plants from last year that I brought in during the winter. I added a couple new blueberry bushes to the one we already had. My daughter picked out a couple of pink peony trees that we'll have to make sure stay pruned, those were put outside of the fencing to the garden.

This past weekend was a somewhat larger piece. I put out 3 varieties of peppers (green, yellow, banana), cucumber, lavendar, bee balm, 2 hostas and 4 flowers. I then mulched the bulb area and around the blueberry bushes.
Peppers, Cucumbers, & Beans.. Hostas New flowers, old Iris & dusty miller The newly mulched bulbs Blueberries

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