Thursday, March 10, 2011

FurKids visit

My kids and I got out this afternoon and paid a visit to Furkids to see what was up and who was there. A bit of turn over, which is a good thing. Quite a few need a lot of TLC, but these caught our eye..

This is Mango (dmh), a pretty little girl. Very friendly.

Eclair (dsh), another sweet girl. I sat down and she sat with (on) me.

Cocoa Puff (dsh) was a sweetie. She was very happy to see us and have us pet her (as you can see, she LEANS into the petting).

This little one (dsh) we couldn't find the name on. My daughter sat down and he sat with (on) her. I sat down and he transferred laps. When I stood up, he went back to my daughter quite happily. Definitely a lap cat here. As always, you can find out more information on these and others at their website:

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