Monday, June 02, 2008


Scouting is not for everyone. My daughter has, for whatever reason, decided she really doesn't care for Girl Scouts. Now it may be that it's a relationship problem with the other girls, it may be that she wants more to do what my son is doing. I've asked her multiple times and each time she comes back with a different answer.

I noticed the other day that Girl Scouts is completely redoing their system. It may be that what they're doing now "fixes" the problem my daughter has. Part of what they're doing is organizing closer to ages. K-1 will be Daisies, 2-3 will be Brownies, 4-5 will be Juniors, etc. My daughter's current troop is all the same age, so that won't change anything there.

They're doing something called "Pathways" and "Journeys". It states that a girl can be more active if she wants, the troop is to be more 'girl controlled', etc. One of my daughter's complaints is that "they talk too much, I want to do more". So if the girls in her troop agree, then this might be fixed. If it's an issue with the girls themselves, nothing changes.

As an alternative solution to just waiting it out, I've contacted a different group called "American Heritage Girls". In many ways this seems very similar to what Girl Scouts do, but to be honest it seems more like Cub Scouts than GS. So it may be what it takes for my daughter. For those that have knowledge of both, you'll understand the differentials. I don't know that I can explain them easily, though, if you're not familiar with both.

At any rate, for now we're trying to see if there's a simple answer for my daughter or not. The easy way is to simply drop out, but I'd rather not just have her quit something because there's one piece she doesn't like. That won't encourage her to stick with something when the going gets tough. The best solution may actually to be to simply make her a Juliette (lone scout) for a while. Then she can keep working as a scout and if/when we find a troop she fits in with better she can do that.

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Lone Butterfly said...

I was at the GS Volunteer Center yesterday, and was able to look at a copy of the new books (they aren't for sale until July 1).

I have to say I was very impressed by the new Daisy Book, as compared to the old one. I don't have experience with Brownies/Juniors, but the new Ambassador program level looked good and the Daisy program level was a great improvement on the old level.

Though I can certainly understand if it is actually the other girls, rather than the program, that is the issue. I hope she is able to find something she truly enjoys.