Monday, May 12, 2008

Ren Fest & Mother's Day

Well, hubby didn't actually give me anything, he just went along with whatever I said. Since the weather cleared up, I decided we'd go to the Ren Fest after all. We saw the Queen's Joust, Lippizan Stallions and Birds of Prey show. I got to shop (found a really nice sparkly for my window) and the kids got to play some of the games they had.

For some reason, the first purchase of the day (not counting lunch) was stuff for my kids. Hmm.. Amazing how that works. My son is starting a rock collection and one of the shops had some really nice polished stones and agate slices. Of course, what my son gets, my daughter must as well. Anyway, I created a slide show of some of my pictures from the shows. (I didn't put music in the slide show to keep it from getting too large.) We all enjoyed ourselves (or at least the kids and I did) and the weather turned out great. We just had to tolerate a lot of wind.

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