Thursday, May 08, 2008

Companies with email

It's bad business to publish an email address and then never answer it. I've tried recently to contact several landscaping companies via email to see about redoing my yard. It's not a critical job, nor is it necessarily something that has to be done immediately. If it were, I'd call you instead. I like to surf around, check out, get referrals from people I know, find web sites and then drop emails to those that look the most promising.

I don't expect an immediate response, but I do expect some sort of response within a week. If I drop you an email with an inquiry, at least have the business savvy to respond to my email. My email is just asking a question after describing what I want done. If the answer is no, no time wasted on either side. If it's yes, then give me your phone number if you need me to follow up that way. But at least RESPOND! No response, no job for you.

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