Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today Rots

I'd say worse, but since I don't know who's reading this I won't. I can only hope that today is the 3rd in the series of bad things to happen and not the first. I knew my car was due to go in for servicing. Then the "maintenance required" light came on. I'd figured as long as I was going in, I'd get them to look at the door that my son managed to damage (opened the sliding door while on a hill, it slammed back - now it doesn't want to close). So, in it went.

Scheduled the due 105k maintenance, asked them to look at the door. They did a full inspection and came back to tell me that..
a - my bushings were dead and had to be replaced
b - the engine brackets were cracked and had to be replaced
c - the timing belt on my car was bad and had to be replaced
But HEY! They'll give me a rental car at no charge for the day, just pay for the GAS! For all this trouble, my car had better PURRRRRR when I get it back.

So, the door was the LEAST of my concerns. So much for our tax refund, incl. the "added" refund that we should receive in May. I'd planned on that to go toward our anniversary trip and summer vacation. Ugh.

So, with my ceiling in my den having a large hole in it due to a water leak in an upstairs bathroom. Hubby's car needing a new tail light and possibly bumper. 3 electrical outlets in my house needing to be replaced. A window frame needing to be replaced due to carpenter bees. I can hope this all stops for a while. At least I don't have rats in the attic any longer.

NO wonder I don't sleep well, my sinuses are messed up, I have random cramps (thanks Mirena), my daughter is still coughing through the night and hubby isn't much better.

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