Monday, March 03, 2008

Pocket Knives & 3rd graders

I took the time Sunday to teach my den of Cub Scouts how to safely use a pocket knife. I had a few concerns about a couple of my boys and how they'd do. I was pleasantly surprised that of the ones I was most concerned about only 1 had to be constantly reminded of the rules. My hyper boy actually sat quietly and worked until he was done.

They worked with Ivory soap, a very easy to shave item. They learned to "curl" the soap without stabbing or cutting it. They started with a "design" on paper (after going over the rules of handling a knife). Then we moved outside to first show me how safely they can use the knife before I let them alone.

Since my daughter and my assistant leader's daughter were also there, I let them try using pocket knives as well. The girls did very well. I didn't work toward letting the boys get their Whittling Cards this time. I figure another year of "seasoning" and they'll be ready. For those of you non-cubbies, a Whittling Card allows a Bear/Webelo level Cub Scout to carry a pocket knife at a BSA event.

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