Sunday, March 09, 2008

Gwinnett Gladiators

I finally went to a hockey game last night. My husband has been trying for a while to get me to go. Of course, he was meaning a bigger game (ie: the Thrashers), but he settled for this. Actually, he wasn't given a choice. My son's Cub Scout pack went as a group and my son was determined to go. So we went as a family.

Overall, the game was actually enjoyable. I still couldn't differentiate the players well enough to know what position anyone was playing. The action moves very quickly. My husband was right when he told me that TV doesn't do hockey justice. There's just too much going on to get it all.

Anyway, we all had fun, including my daughter. The Gladiators beat the Augusta Lynx 8-3 which makes attending that much more fun.

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