Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cub Scout crafts

We just had our Blue & Gold banquet Saturday. My boys had to make centerpieces for their tables, which meant I had to come up with the ideas for the crafts. Thanks to google searching, I came up with four. One was made up of several ideas I found on the net. One I combined with a simple model. The last one was a simple picture craft.

The simple picture craft was a piece of black foam "paper" and the space themed foamies. The boys created their own pictures, I mounted them to foam board and made triangular frames that stood on the tables.

The simple model was a plastic shuttle snap-together I found at Hobby Lobby. I combined it with a foam ball (painted gold) and blue starred decorative wire. I added the glow-in-the-dark stars that you can hang from the ceiling. It made a small solar system which I set the model next to.

The third was a combination of ideas. One place had "aliens" that you made from foam balls, foamie hands/feet and foam eyes. I had each boy make their own alien. Same place, different idea, had a small beanie teddy bear that you turn into an astronaut. I took a small water bottle, sliced off the top and put it on the bear for a helmet. The suit was aluminum foil. The last piece was a "ufo" made of two pie plates and battery-powered christmas lights. I put that on top of a doll stand I had at my house so that it "hovered" over the scene. All together it was our "bear scout" visiting with aliens in space.

The last centerpiece was a balloon powered lunar rover. I believe that idea came from the nasa web site. It was made out of foam from a meat tray, paper, straws and tape.

The centerpieces were judged by our hosting class at the church and my boys with their aliens and teddy bear won. Woo hoo! I have to give my boys a big hand on these. They worked hard.

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