Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gwinnett County Fair

I took my kids to the Gwinnett County Fair friday night. They had a blast. I remembered why I don't care to go. It's way to expensive. $50 for 56 ride tickets. $4 for a slice of pizza. $2 for a small coke or water. $5 for an adult to get in. $4 for kids to get in. By the time we had used all my money, we'd been there maybe 2 hours. There weren't even that many exhibits to look at. Sometimes we take the time to see some of the livestock competitions, but not that often. My kids aren't usually impressed by cows or sheep.

They did, though, find out that they are now big enough to not have to stick to the "little ride" area. They tried out one called the "tornado". It's a spinning ride. They fit, but their arms really weren't long enough to make it spin well. They tried several of the "big" fun houses. I don't think they were impressed, though. The highlight for my son was the spiderman jump (bungee jump w/trampoline). My daughter was thrilled that she's finally big enough to drive one of the bumper cars without help.

So for all it's expense, they had fun. Which was my goal of the evening, so I'd say it was a success. I'm so glad it's only once a year, it's too expensive for more than that.

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