Friday, January 20, 2006

PTA grumbles

I joined the PTA at the beginning of the school year fully intending to help get it jump started, participate, etc. When I joined we met once a month at a local restaurant. I helped with several projects. The principal at my son's school wanted to be involved as well, but couldn't meet when we did. So the PTA voted to move the meetings to a time that the principal could attend (in the morning before school starts). Unfortunately for me, I'm the one that gets my kids up in the morning and to school. So the morning meetings before school are kinda out. I knew this when they voted and asked them to make sure that I was notified when they needed help and that I got information about what was going on.

Well, I don't know about other PTAs, but ours is/was severely understaffed. As it happens, I have yet to hear much of anything than that they're having another meeting (at a time I can't attend). I know they're doing SOMETHING, I just don't know what until it's done. I guess they've either resolved the understaffing issues they had at the start, or they're just handling it all themselves.

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