Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I wanted to make a post about something innovative, or at least interesting, to keep my blog up to date. I am, however, currently at a loss as to anything amusing or interesting to post.

My friend and I painted my den over the weekend. It had been a key lime green. Now it's a linen white. I also rotated it 180 degrees (well, the furniture anyway). Makes for a very different room. Step 1 in getting my house ready to sell is done. Carpeters come in over spring break while kids are visiting grandparents. (Yes, carpet=ers.. I'm getting new carpet.) Now to pack up all the little knicknacks and breakables.

Apparently the pollen (or whatever) is bothering my son recently as well. I started coughing (again) last week.. he started over the weekend. I got the call today that he was coughing over much at school, so I took the nebulizer in to help him out. We went straight from there to lunch. After getting the 'release' from the albuterol, he ended up very tired and ready to come home. So I just brought him home where he's been sitting very quietly on the sofa. (Though it helps that he has a yu-gi-oh video in.)

Being a teacher assistant is going well. The director had me sit with her for a bit this morning to check on how things are going. Nothing bad to say about the teacher, she does an excellent job.

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