Sunday, February 27, 2005

Whee Hoo

Realized I hadn't updated in a couple of days, so here's the scoop..

Friday I was put in charge of the water table for the 4yo class. Not a bad thing, but it will be a challenge coming up with new ideas. Current challenge for next week is a "weather" theme. The kids have already done fake snow, so I came up with shaving cream. Have to see if that's legal.

In relation to school, I was sent to a couple of training sessions Saturday. "Child Abuse" and "Infectious Diseases". Not as bad as the titles sound. An EMT taught both classes. The infectious diseases was about prevention and recognition of many of the more 'popular' ones. Main prevention "wash hands". :)

The child abuse class, though, was somewhat scary. She had some very interesting personal experiences to relate to us. She also talked about neglect. One of the items that came up was diaper changes at a day care. IE: worker changes child's diaper before they leave, comes back with soiled diaper. Worker suspects it's the same diaper they put on the child when they left. What do we do, how do we confirm, etc. Another one that came up was child comes to school consistently in dirty clothes. Child herself isn't that clean (not dirt caked under the fingernails dirty, but still not clean). We of course talked about the sexual abuse and physical abuse. I won't relate those to keep this blog family readable.

I have to get my act together to register my daughter for pre-k. The school I want to put her in only has 40 slots. At least 15 of those are already taken by kids coming up through the 3yo group already there. Urk.

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letti said...

yup, you can never be too careful when it comes to your children..i hope she gets into the pre-k of your choice.