Monday, February 14, 2005

First day at school

Thought I'd post about my first day in the 4yo class at my daughter's preschool. It was actually kinda fun. As the kids come in, they have things they have to do before going to tables to do manipulatives and such. We started out by counting crayons to get to the number assigned to each child. I watched them count and corrected as needed. They then started circle time with their teacher (calendar, weather, etc) while I went in search of boats for the water table. When I returned, they finished circle time and headed to chapel (the preschool is in a church). After chapel they went to music (on Mondays, all 4yo classes do music together). After music was their valentine's party. The class mom handled most of that, so really my first day was EASY. I don't expect each day to be that way, but it was kinda fun and passed by very quickly.

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letti said... grandmother was the one who first brought me to kindergarten because both my parents worked..i can still remember all the parents/grandparents peeking in to look thru the windows to see if we were doing okay.