Thursday, February 17, 2005

A couple of things..

My daughter has had a fever of approx. 102 off and on since Tuesday. As a result, I haven't had much to blog about. I *think* it broke last night (I woke up with a sweaty head on my shoulder). The decongestant I've been giving her to help her breathe seems to have started working (finally) too. Now she's sleeping in. YEA!

I got my "your application to be a Gwinnett County Substitute has been APPROVED" post card in the mail Tuesday. YEA! YEA! I haven't had any chance to do anything about it because of the above. I have to go get fingerprinted at some point. I'll see how my daughter is doing a bit later and go ahead and set up my appointment. It was driven home this morning as I got a call from an elementary school wanting me to come TODAY to substitute. WOW. I only got the card 2 days ago! I've got to talk to my mom about seeing if she's willing to pick my daughter up at school some times.. I can't get in to sub the remainder of this year until about 10a, but maybe I can work it out to be able to STAY until school's out. Next school year my daughter will be in pre-k (hopefully) at Children's World, so I'll have the opportunity to leave her there when I work.

Got my taxes done last night (WHEE!), now I can pay off a credit card when the refund comes in. That makes me happy. :)

Now if you guys really want to be nice to me, maybe you'll help me get a free minimac or playstation by clicking on one of the links on the nav bar. :) Both are actually for my kids (believe it or not), though the PS would wait 'til Christmas to be given.

Hope everyone else's day looks relatively bright.

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