Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jersey Boys Date Night @TheFoxTheatre

I was given two tickets to media night for the Jersey Boys show at the Fox. I decided it was the perfect opportunity for hubby and I to have a date night. Something that we haven't had a lot of time for lately. When hubby got home from work, he informed me that we weren't leaving until I told him where we were headed to dinner. Not wanting fast food and not overly interested in restaurants I'd been to before, I went hunting for something "new". I found it in a restaurant that has taken over the old Firehouse station 11 on North Avenue. The restaurant is called Engine 11 Firehouse Tavern. It felt odd as I remember passing by the station when the engines were still there. They have, though, set it up with some cool features and have left most of the feel of the place alone.

The lamps were cool, made from old fire extinguishers.
Hubby had the meatloaf sandwich, I had the melty buffalo burger. We were both quite happy with our food and with the service we received. From there we headed over to the theater to catch the show.
The show itself was extremely enjoyable. I loved hearing the story behind the group and the individuals. The inspiration for the songs were cool to hear as well. The men performing the parts did a wonderful job of performing the songs from the Four Seasons. I was very impressed. I don't know that I've heard too many that can replicate Frankie Valli's voice. Though, not being an expert in music, I really can't say much about that. Hubby wasn't originally keen on going, but by the end of the show let me know that he enjoyed it as well.

I wouldn't call it a show for the younger crowd. Too much profanity, though it doesn't take away from the show itself. You'd have to decide on your own how much the language is likely to bother you (or your kids).

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